Company profile

Avisar Telecom Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Doron Avisar in order to concentrate all communication services under one roof. The company specializes in the design and construction of cellular communications systems, electrical systems, civil engineering and project management.

Reliability, professionalism and proven experience in the field have enabled it to be one of the leading companies in the field of communications systems.

It is the high service awareness, innovation and creative thinking that continue to leverage it and maintain its high position in the communications systems sector, as well as its continuous striving for efficiency and improvement in service quality.

Avisar Telecom Ltd. strictly complies with the ISO 9001-2000 procedures and is an approved supplier of the Ministry of Defense, the Airports Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office and more. The company’s main offices are located in the Yavneh industrial zone.

The company has the financial ability to execute integrated projects while emphasizing the professional level and high quality of the staff. The company employs professional workers, experts in their fields, including engineers, electrical and electronic engineers, communications experts and more.

Avisar Telecom Ltd. has high capabilities in supplying a complete and integrative shell from “home”. In addition, it operates according to a principle based on customization of the services to the customer’s needs and requirements, including immediate and specific response, comprehensive maintenance of communications systems and handling technical problems.


  • Communication Systems

  • Cellular networks

  • Electrical systems

  • Civil Engineering

  • Security technologies

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