Our services

Avisar Telecom Ltd. specializes in providing a complete, thorough and in-depth solution to each customer according to his needs and subject to his requirements.
We provide solutions for planning, engineering, acquisition, installation and maintenance. The company offers her client’s a range of project management services, turnkey solutions, installation and maintenance of the highest quality communication systems.
The company has a rich background and professional experience in project management, schedule and budget management, price analysis and quantity control, quality assurance and supervision of subcontractors.

In the field of engineering and planning, the company carries out comprehensive planning for communications sites, antenna design, towers and monopolies, design of masts, design of PV systems, acceptance tests and test plans, RF design and System integration.

The company provides purchasing and licensing services for communications sites. Locating properties by purchasing personnel according to customer requirements, conducting feasibility and measurement surveys, handling contact with the owner of the property, dealing with the relevant authorities, preparing plans and obtaining permits.

Communication Systems

Design, construction and integration services for communication systems:
Fiber optic cable infrastructure, copper binding infrastructure,
Wireless systems (infrared, laser, Wi-Fi)

Cellular networks

A variety of services in the field of cellular networks: licensing and acquisition, In door Solution, establishment and maintenance of cellular sites and more …

Electrical systems

The company designs and installs electrical panels, control panels, Design and installation of power systems, backup systems, integration of generators and accumulators in electrical systems and more …

Security technologies

Avisar Telecom and its employees have high security clearance.
The company specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions to government institutions, cities and companies in the private and public sectors.

Civil Engineering

Planning and construction of civil engineering projects: The Company offers comprehensive solutions and employs civil engineers as well as professional draftsmen.

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