Cellular networks

Avisar Telecom Ltd. offers its customers the full range of services in the cellular networks.

  • Licensing and acquisition – locating properties and conducting negotiations on behalf of the cellular company, issuing all necessary approvals for the establishment of the site.

  • In Building Solution – Design and construction of cellular sites in buildings and complexes such as office buildings, malls, residential towers, universities, hospitals and more.

  • Design and construction of cellular sites – design and packaging of mobile buildings, communication rooms and communication cabinets.

  • Establishing and maintaining cellular sites – Green Field, Outdoor, Roof top, Indoor.

  • Design and construction of Microwave Routes – Providing planning, construction and maintenance services for Mini Link Microwave, T.N – R4.

  • Installation and operation of radio equipment (BTS) – installation of cellular equipment using GSM, WCDMA, UMTS, LTE, integration of the site to the network (integration) and testing (and commissioning).

  • Drive Test and Network Optimization – Handoff, Handover, Test and Benchmarking for Network Operators (Benchmark). The test is performed in Voice, Video, I-Data.

  • Switching works (CORE) – Design, set-up and operation the switch of the cellular operators that are certified for the Ericsson and Nokia equipment suppliers, testing and installation (BSC / MSC / HLR / MEDIA GETWAY).

  • Towers and masts – design, production, construction and maintenance of communication towers.

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